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WATCH: 2023 Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Sweet 16® Coaches’ Press Conference

The 16 coaches with teams in the 2023 Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Basketball Sweet 16® will be on a Zoom interview session with the media from 1-4 pm. Each coach is allotted 10 minutes and the calls go in reverse region order.

There will be a media availability via Zoom Monday, March 6, 2023, starting at 1 p.m. ET for the head coaches of the competing teams in the 2023 Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Basketball Sweet 16 ®. Each coach, in order of the region they represent, will have a 10-minute time slot for media who join the call to ask questions. Coaches will not be available for individual media requests following today’s Zoom availability.

The KHSAA will host a Zoom conference with each of the 16 participating head coaches in the 2023 Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Basketball Sweet 16® on Monday, March 6, from 1-4 p.m. ET. The call will be monitored by KHSAA Event Services Director Jenny Elder. KHSAA Media Relations Director Connor Link will also be on the call.

All participating media members will be muted upon entry, Questions will be taken by chat after a brief opening statement. All coaches will be scheduled in 10-minute segments and held in a waiting room until their turn. Please be sure you are able to connect via Zoom either with a camera on your computer or phone. The recording will be made available afterward on the KHSAA’s official YouTube channel, and media members are permitted to request permission to record upon joining.

For planning purposes, the scheduled time for each coach’s appearance and details to join the web conference are listed below (in Eastern Time):

1:00 PM – Region 16
1:10 PM – Region 15
1:20 PM – Region 14
1:30 PM – Region 13
1:40 PM – Region 12
1:50 PM – Region 11
2:00 PM – Region 10
2:10 PM – Region 9
2:20 PM – Region 8
2:30 PM – Region 7
2:40 PM – Region 6
2:50 PM – Region 5
3:00 PM – Region 4
3:10 PM – Region 3
3:20 PM – Region 2
3:30 PM – Region 1

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