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Terry King takes on Bracken County job

Terry King never planned to get into coaching until his former coach, hall of famer Mike Reitz, convinced him.

King graduated from Maysville High School in 1990 where he scored 593 points. He was coached by Mike Reitz in the 1988 season. That year, Maysville won their 17th and last 10th Region Championship in school history under Reitz.

“When John Michael (Reitz) got the job at Nicholas County, he asked me to come help out and I told him no. Then, coach Mike Reitz called me and we went to go watch a game together one night and he asked if I would help his son.”

Terry King hesitantly told his former coach he would think about. However, King ended up not joining the staff.

The following year, John Michael Reitz reached out again saying he had some talented players at the middle school level and asked if King would come in and work with them.

“I went up there and started working with them for two or three days and they said ‘come on back next week’ and next thing you know I’m on the staff.”

King has also been a basketball official for 25 years.

King says he will play an open and fast style and get up as many shots as possible, but will focus on defense first.

“We’re not going to be very big. So the more shots we can get up the better. But getting up quality shots is the key. And it’s not going to be just one person putting up shots. If you have an open shot, I want you to take it.”

Bracken County has struggled with depth the last few years. However, Coach King says he has 27 players in the high school program so far.

He has already met with some of last year’s players including Austin Norton and Chase Archibald. Norton averaged 5.8 points per game as a junior and Archibald put up 11.7 ppg as a sophomore.

Senior Blake Reed, who averaged 28.6 ppg, and junior Cayden Reed, who averaged 16.6 ppg, both transfered to Mason County. Another starter, senior Devante Jefferson, has transferred to Augusta. Bracken County also graduated starter JuShod Commodore, who was injured a majority of the 2022-23 season.

Other players returning from last season are Colin Combess, Ashton Buchanan, and Kelton Roberts.

Bracken County has made some adjustments to their schedule to make it more competitive. They dropped scheduled games against Lexington Catholic, Covington Catholic, and Great Crossing.

Terry King said he also plans to renews Bracken County’s regular season game with Mason County.

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