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LISTEN: Ashland’s Jason Mays recorded in phone call

Jason Mays of 16th Region Ashland was recorded in a phone call allegedly recruiting a player from a rival school. He also admits to recruiting and talking to the parents of half a dozen other players. The phone call took place sometime between March 27 and April 1.

“I’m gonna shoot straight to the point. Obviously you understand the confidentiality of this conversation, right?

“Here’s the deal. I just turned down the Ballard job today, about 2 hours ago.”

“I would love to get my hands on him. Now, I know that’s wrong for me to say because of where he’s at (Boyd County). But if there’s ever a time to do it, it’s right now to where he won’t have to do one ounce of KHSAA paperwork because he’s going to be an incoming freshman.”

“It’s that simple. What it entails is you coming over to school, filling out an enrollment form, turn it back in, put his schedule together for the following fall, and he’s a student at Paul Blazer. That’s it. There’s not one KHSAA form you have to fill out. There’s not one piece of paperwork you have to fill out, because he hasn’t started his fresman year of school here yet. Now if you did this the week after school started in the fall, it would be a transfer situation and he would have to go through all the KHSAA protocol. “

“The negative of our team right now is I don’t have a point guard. I mean I got (student), but he ain’t able to score.”

“(Student) is going to play football this year for the first time. I’m not going to have (student) until Thanksgiving. And (parent’s son) is better than (student). Now obviously that needs to stay between you and I… He’s a great kid and a strong athlete, but he can’t hit meaningful shots… He just has this knack for missing big shots. He can’t go left at all… Those guys are liabilities.

“I encourage kids to play other sports, but your best kids will only play one sport. That’s just the way it is.”

“We’re right in the middle of renovating our locker room at $45,000… This past year I spent $23,000 on team gear… They went and got Adidas corporate involved, and so now, we just landed a $25,000 promo deal to where we get $25,000 in free gear and $10,000 cash.”

“Let me give you a piece of advice. When you enroll in school here (Ashland), no one needs to know except for you and your family when you actually go into that school there and enroll. You don’t even need to tell Boyd County officials until after you’ve done it.”

“You have to keep these conversations confidential.”

“(He) has a chance to be the all-time leading scorer here.”

“I will always do thing the right way”

“I would love to have him in our program… our program would change him for the better.”

“He would help us win a lot of games.”

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