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Todd Kelsch named Augusta girls basketball coach

Augusta has named Todd Kelsch as the next head girls basketball for the Lady Panthers.

Kelsch is a 2001 graduate of Augusta High School where he scored 925 points as a player. He served as the JV boys basketball coach the last two seasons and named as the FRYSC Director this past school year.

Todd Kelsch will be the 22nd girls basketball coach for the program since 1975 and the 4th coach from the Kelsch family. His cousin Vaughn Kelsch coached the Lady Panthers for three seasons from 1977-1979 with a record of 41-14, winning the district and making it to the region finals in 1979. His aunt Marla Kelsch played basketball at Murray State and coached in 1984, and his cousin Robin Kelsch coached four seasons from 2017-2020.

Coach Kelsch gave the following quote to

I’m thrilled to be given this opportunity to lead the girls varsity basketball program at my alma mater. Augusta athletics is not something I “grew” to love. My love and passion for Augusta athletics is at the core of my existence. My earliest memories are from moments inside that historic gymnasium.

As the head coach of Lady Panthers basketball, developing leadership and resilience are my primary goals. Our girls will also be prepared for every opponent on the schedule. I believe in very detailed preparation through film study and game simulation in practice. Our teams will provide our loyal Panthers supporters with an exciting, entertaining but disciplined and hardworking style of basketball.

We expect to compete for championships in the All A Classic, the 39th District and the 10th Region. At a small school like ours, it’s difficult to get there. But a collective belief that includes belief in yourself, your teammates and your coaches can help you achieve extraordinary things.

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