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Boys Basketball

Barn-burner too hot for Polar Bears, Royals still undefeated

Barn-burner too hot for Polar Bears, Royals still undefeated

The nightcap of the first day of the White, Greer & Maggard Holiday Classic lived up to all the hype.

After double-digit margins in all seven of the day’s games, Bracken County and Mason County would come down to one last shot.

Terrell Henry got the final shot with 2 seconds left after a Bracken County turnover to continue Mason County’s now 32-game win streak over Bracken County. Henry would finish with 27 points and 8 rebounds.

The other headline story is Blake Reed. The Bracken County junior scored his 3,000th career point and had 47 for the game. Blake and Cayden Reed would combine for 63 of the team’s 65 points.

Box Score:

Mason County (65) — Terrell Henry 27, Riley Mastin 13, KG Walton 12, Philip Bierly 11, Braylon Hamilton 2.

Bracken County (63) — Blake Reed 47, Cayden Reed 14, Austin Norton 2.

M: 16-16-14-19—65
B: 10-15-25-13—63

Field Goal: Mason 23/47 (48.9%), Bracken 23/50 (46.0%)
3-Point: Mason 2/12 (16.7%), Bracken 6/17 (35.3%)
Free Throws: Mason 17/22 (77.3%), Bracken 11/14 (78.6%)

Rebounds: Mason 32, Bracken 22
Assists: Mason 12, Bracken 6
Turnovers: Mason 10, Bracken 12
Steals: Mason 8, Bracken 6

Points of TO: Mason 12, Bracken 13
2nd Chance: Mason 10, Bracken 5
Off Bench: Mason 0, Bracken 0
In Paint: Mason 30, Bracken 30

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